Elisha and Seth Barudin with their daughters.

Elisha and Seth Barudin with their daughters.



Elisha has never been one to sit on the sidelines. 

“I have been in service all my life. I was raised to believe we are supposed to make the world a better place,” Elisha says. “When I see a need, I respond. This desire to improve lives and make a positive impact on our community is why I am running for the 39th State Assembly District.”

Elisha believes in a system that is fair, a system that stands for the empowerment of people over politics. 

Elisha’s commitment to understand how she could become a difference maker in her communities began as young woman.  Elisha majored in Political Science with a minor in Education at Wellesley College 25 years ago.  Upon graduation, Elisha worked for the Clerk of Circuit Court of Cook County in Chicago and became a Development Director for a non-profit youth education organization.

Elisha's experiences are multifaceted and go beyond the political arena and education.  Working directly with people in a 20-year career as a Human Resources Executive, she trained and empowered hardworking employees.  Her business experience includes developing strong teams driven by identifying individual talent, working with strict budgets and solving problems to reduce conflict and create solutions. 

Volunteering and community engagement continued and she was elected to the Beaver Dam Community Hospitals Foundation, Inc. while serving in many roles with the Beaver Dam Area Community Theater. Most recently, Elisha joined the local Rotary Club and is excited to provide service through Rotary International.

Elisha is a certified yoga instructor and owns a small yoga business that works with children and adults.  The business has a short-term focus to work with victims of PTSD, depression, and anxiety. 

Some of Elisha’s proudest moments have come working with children and their families. Whether she’s directing children’s theater, teaching yoga, or helping her husband raise their three daughters, nothing inspires her more than watching children find their passion. She wants all children to feel safe, know their value and find reward through hard work. 

“I am excited for the opportunity to represent the 39th Assembly District,” Elisha says. “I will serve you with the dignity, honesty and hard work ethic our community deserves.”

Elisha lives in Beaver Dam with her husband Seth Barudin and has three daughters.