Public Schools

Elisha knows what a vital component good public schools are to our communities and economic success. For the past six years, Governor Walker and Legislative Republicans have made historic cuts to Wisconsin’s public schools while giving massive tax breaks and private voucher subsidies to the wealthy, forcing local communities to bear this burden by laying off teachers, eliminating courses, and deferring safety and maintenance projects.

As the Assembly Representative of the 39th District, Elisha would work to restore local school funding and make sure we are retaining quality teachers, investing in modern facilities and ensuring that our students receive the best possible opportunity for success.


From hunting and fishing to tourism and recreation, our environment, wildlife and natural resources are essential components of our economy and life in Wisconsin. Republican policies that roll back environmental protections hurt our communities and put special interests before the people of Wisconsin.

As the Assembly Representative of the 39th District, Elisha would fight to protect our clean water, land and air, while preventing special interests from taking unfair advantage of our environment, which all Wisconsinites deserve to enjoy.


Every Wisconsin citizen, business and community relies on affordable access to energy, clean drinking water, sound roads, and broadband connectivity to support economic opportunities. Despite this, our transportation system is ranked among the worst the country. Many Wisconsin citizens still do not have access to reliable, high-speed internet. A lack of clean, renewable energy production in Wisconsin threatens the environment and limits new job opportunities for Wisconsin’s energy industry.

As the Assembly Representative of the 39th District, Elisha would support investments in community infrastructure, work to make sure all Wisconsin citizens have access to high-speed internet, and fight to restore funding to the UW-Extension, which plays a large role in maintaining and growing our rural communities.

Worker Rights and Living Wages

Our prosperity has been built on the back of the American worker. Since the passage of Act 10, our work force and the backbone of the Wisconsin family has eroded. We need to stand for our workers and their rights to have a strong economy and middle class.

Additionally, Elisha supports increasing the minimum wage so all hardworking families could enjoy a quality lifestyle with their families without having to carry the burden of two or more jobs just to make ends meet.

Health Care

Access to quality health care provides opportunities for families, businesses and communities. Protecting the coverage for high quality preventive exams, pre-existing conditions, and affordable premiums are all required for a healthy and successful community.