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Collaboration and Momentum!

August 4, 2018 — It was a busy and exciting week! 

Just a few of our highlights were a fun Trivia Night filled with lots of laughter, a special gathering hosted by Dr. Siomos and Mr. McDougal in their home and the delivery of our yard signs hot off the press!

We enjoyed meeting with U.S. Representative Candidate Tom Palewicz and his daughter. We hosted Arvina Martin, Secretary of State candidate, at our Trivia event and heard her inspiring message. And we were happy to have Sarah Godlewski, State Treasurer Candidate, join us at the Dodge County Democrat Meeting this week to deliver her strong vision for the office.

Elisha was excited to continue to meet more community members and receive additional endorsements (to be announced soon).  It was a busy week but we are feeling more energized than ever! Don’t forget you can sign up to canvass or ask for a yard sign! You’re also able to pick up signs from the new Dodge County Democratic Office located at 108 N. Lincoln Ave., Beaver Dam. 

Have a great weekend!


Learning, Growing, Organizing — Another Great Week!

July 27, 2018 — This week our team hosted our first voter registration event in light of the primary approaching. Elisha and I, and a hardworking group of volunteers, helped individuals register and find their polling place for the upcoming election. We think it is important for community members to be engaged in voting and we were so excited to have younger community members join us as well. We hope to have many more of these voter registration events all over our district as November approaches.

Elisha has also been helping to organize events with the Latino Network in Beaver Dam. She hopes to continue finding ways to bridge the gap in communication in our area and create events where we can all come together as a community. We can’t wait to share these upcoming events with everyone!

This Wednesday, I also had the opportunity to attend a Wisconsin Laborers Training Center tour with Elisha. We learned about some of the issues that the Labor Union finds most important and enjoyed getting a tour of their training facility. Elisha takes these issues to heart and is dedicated to promoting change where people want to see it. 

What I have most enjoyed thus far in our work on the campaign trail, is how much Elisha is committed to her team’s learning. She is always giving us opportunities for engagement in training for anything we may not know or would just like to learn. This week, she arranged an environmental sustainability training session, so we could learn about our carbon footprint and how it can be decreased. I appreciate all of the events I am able to attend with Elisha, all of the people I get to meet, and how much I am learning in the process.

Canvassing, Getting Out the Vote and Plenty of Events!

July 20, 2018 — This month on the campaign trail, supporters started canvassing! A couple days a week and on the weekends, we’ve had wonderful volunteers going from door to door meeting new people and finding out the issues that are important to them and the changes they would like to see. It is so inspiring and rewarding to learn about what is most important to our community members. If you are interested in volunteering on the team, this is a great time! We are ramping up to prepare for a strong election for November. 

Trivia for FB event.png

Our team has been working hard to plan fun events for the community and I am so excited to see Elisha’s calendar filling up with events hosted by many community members.  We hope to plan many more! Elisha is getting busier and busier as the campaign trail heats up and we could not be more excited about it! If you or someone you know may be interested in hosting an event (small or large) for Elisha, don’t hesitate to contact me, or one of our team members. We would love to help you plan something! 

We are excited about some upcoming events: 

Voter Registration with Elisha on Tuesday July 24 at Higher Grounds from 11:30 a.m. -1 p.m. Bring a friend and chat with Elisha about topics important to you. This is a great time to also order an absentee ballot if you need one or learn how to register to vote!

We are also hosting  Trivia Night on July 31 at the Chapel of the Archangels at 7 p.m. Come meet Elisha and show us your trivia skill! Doors open at 7 p.m. and questions begin at 8. Teams will have four players each with the top three teams after six rounds of question winning PRIZES! A cash bar will also be available and we hope to see you there!

Be sure to keep an eye out all of our events on Facebook (www.facebook.com/pg/ElishaforWI/events) or right here on our website.

Great News and a Great Time Meeting New People

Barudin WEAC Endorse 4x4.jpg

July 12, 2018 — This week we were so proud to announce that Elisha has been endorsed by WEAC (Wisconsin Education Association Council). Elisha is dedicated to restoring school funding and retaining our amazing teachers. She believes every student deserves the best opportunities and support from our schools and will work hard to ensure that students can receive the best quality education. Our campaign is incredibly proud and honored to have received this endorsement and are working towards other endorsements as well! Go Elisha!!

Our team also had some fun at Lake Days this past weekend in Beaver Dam. The team was able to relax and eat delicious food and enjoy the fireworks all while meeting new people! It was a great community event and an opportunity to take a break from the campaign trail for our team to have fun together while still handing out literature and getting to know other members of the community.

What a Fun Week!

July 6, 2018 — This week, I had the honor of attending the Families Belong Together rally in Madison with Elisha and her family. We were already planning on attending when Elisha was chosen to speak, and it just made all of us that much more excited to be a part of it.


Despite the extreme heat, there were so many people in attendance who all wanted their voices to be heard in opposition to families being separated at the border. All of the speakers there were so inspiring and caring and when Elisha got up to speak, there was such a tremendous response to her words that I was worried that I would not be able to hear her in the video I was taking, over the applause and shouts of support.

Her words were so inspiring that many people approached her after the event to thank her for speaking. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to attend with Elisha, her family, and other Beaver Dam community members to be a part of something so important. I left feeling hopeful and encouraged that if we all work together and support one another, we can make a change, not only in our own communities but everywhere.

In other exciting news, the campaign team walked in our first parade this summer on July 4th! We handed out candy and Elisha’s literature and Elisha had the opportunity to introduce herself and speak to many people throughout the parade route.

The very next day we also had our very first Meet and Greet in Ashippun. Elisha, Frank, who is another member of our team, and I met with a group of people and Elisha was able to have one-on-one conversations addressing their concerns, including public education, infrastructure, and family living wages.

The individuals in attendance showed great support for Elisha and were giving us ideas on which events we could attend in their communities to reach a greater number of people. It was a great first Meet and Greet and we cannot wait until the next one!

Katie Schulz, left, and Elisha Barudin.

Katie Schulz, left, and Elisha Barudin.

Welcome to Katie's Korner!

June 28, 2018 — This month has been a whirlwind of meetings, paperwork, events and PROGRESS. Elisha is officially on the ballot for the November election for State Assembly and we are all unbelievably excited and motivated to get her to Madison!

Over the past month, I have had the opportunity to attend meetings and events with Elisha and seeing her in action is truly a privilege. At the beginning of June, we attended the State Democratic Convention in Oshkosh. We met so many people dedicated to promoting change and making a difference and Elisha was able to address many of the caucuses that we attended, including the Women’s Caucus, the Latino Caucus, and the Labor Caucus. Anyone who heard her speak could hear and see, firsthand how much she truly cares about making a difference and it is extremely inspiring.

We also had the chance to sit down with Rep. Jill Billings and the advice she gave Elisha regarding running her campaign was amazing. She gave us so many great ideas about events we could do, including a women’s only event J. This was such an inspiring conversation to be a part of because I was able to see just how dedicated the democratic party is to supporting fellow democrats, so they can get to office and promote change in our communities.

We ended the night at the convention feeling positive and encouraged that we can succeed in our campaign because we were able to see just how hard other democrats are working to achieve the goals of the democratic party.

Another major event was our Campaign Kickoff on June 14! We had great food brought in by volunteers, cute snapchat filters, nice stickers, and wonderful people. There was an amazing turnout! All throughout the night if you looked around, you would see Elisha speaking with as many guests as she could, welcoming them to the event and getting to know them and their concerns. We even had a guest who rushed from the emergency room, so he could give his donation check in person just as were leaving the venue!  It is occurrences like these that encourage us to work even harder to accomplish our goals.

The room was continually filled with energy and excitement, but it quickly turned to awe as Elisha gave her speech. Absolutely everyone in the room was struck by how inspiring and heartfelt Elisha’s words were and there was no doubt that she meant what she said, that she will make a difference if she gets elected in November and if she doesn’t, she will always continue to be dedicated to improving the lives of those around her, no matter what.


Our next campaign event is on July 4 at 12 p.m., in Columbus. Our campaign team will be marching in the parade to celebrate Independence Day! Anyone is welcome to march with us and if you’re interested, please email me at katherineforbarudin@gmail.com or anyone on our team!