Sierra Club Endorses Elisha Barudin for 39th Assembly District

Aug. 7, 2018 — The Sierra Club has announced its endorsement of Elisha Barudin’s candidacy for State Assembly in appreciation of her demonstrated commitment to protecting the environment.

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“Elisha Barudin is the Sierra Club's choice for 39th Assembly District because we know she will work to protect our environment for Wisconsin families,” said Dave Blouin, Sierra Club State Political Director. “Elisha’s commitment to conservation and fighting climate change stands in stark contrast to her opponent’s poor voting record for big polluters. The Sierra Club is proud to endorse Elisha Barudin and we will work hard for her election to the Assembly."

Elisha has made environmental advocacy an integral part of her candidacy and is appreciative of the Sierra Club’s endorsement.

“From hunting and fishing to tourism and recreation, our environment, wildlife and natural resources are essential parts of our economy and life in Wisconsin,” Elisha said. “As the Assembly Representative for the 39th District, I would fight to protect our clean water, land and air, while preventing special interests from taking unfair advantage of our environment, which all Wisconsinites deserve to enjoy.”

WEAC Recommends Elisha Barudin for 39th State Assembly District

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Wisconsin students need legislators who stand up for their public schools, teachers say

The Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) recommends Elisha Barudin in Assembly District 39.

“Elisha Barudin believes all children should have the same opportunity for success, no matter where they live or what their family circumstances,” said Ron Martin, an Eau Claire eighth grade teacher and WEAC president. “Wisconsin needs elected officials who respect educators’ voices.”

“Public schools are important to our communities. Decisions in the State Assembly should be based on what’s best for students,” Martin said. “Elected officials, educators and our entire communities should be working together to support local public schools.”

In making recommendations for the state Legislature, WEAC members focus on areas including support for public schools, giving employees a voice in school decisions and professional respect for the role educators have in keeping our communities strong.

WEAC, the state’s largest association of professional educators, amplifies the voices of public school teachers and support staff to ensure all students have high-quality public schools.

Elisha Barudin Running for 39th Wisconsin State Assembly District Seat

Elisha Barudin, a Town of Beaver Dam resident, has announced her bid to represent the 39th Wisconsin State Assembly District.


"I have been in service all my life and was raised to believe we are supposed to make the world a better place,” Barudin said. “Since moving to Beaver Dam 14 years ago, I've been an engaged citizen and volunteer because I care about our community and the people who live here. I've worked hard to identify the needs of our friends and neighbors and find ways to meet them. This desire to improve lives and make a larger positive impact on our community is why I am running for the 39th State Assembly District."

Barudin believes the future of Wisconsin depends upon commitment to public education, protection of our natural resources, and ensuring all Wisconsin families have the opportunity to realize a high quality of life. 

“A better tomorrow means a commitment to our children, teachers and schools today. I want to reestablish Wisconsin as a leader of public education in our country,” Barudin said. “For the past six years, historic cuts to Wisconsin’s public schools have unfairly shifted a greater burden onto local communities and property taxpayers. Restoring local school funding and retaining quality teachers will give students the best possible opportunity to get ahead.” 

Barudin commits to preserve the natural resources that make our state a unique and valued place. She believes we can promote economic growth by investing in a quality environment. 

“Our internationally acclaimed marshes, wetlands, forests and farmlands depend on clean air and water, and we can strike a balance between business and recreational interests in a way that promotes economic growth and resource preservation for generations to come,” she said.

Barudin understands Wisconsin will only prosper by standing up for hard working individuals. 

“Families in our community are working harder than ever but are still worried about retirement, health care costs and job security while they wish they had more time to spend with their families,” Barudin said. “I can be trusted to advocate for workers to achieve greater quality life and earn family-supporting wages.”

Barudin has 20 years experience as a human resources executive. Among many of her community service roles, she serves on the board of the Beaver Dam Community Hospitals Foundation, Inc., volunteers in several capacities with the Beaver Dam Area Community Theater, facilitated the newly organized Latino Network of Beaver Dam and has recently joined the Rotary Club.

“I am excited for the opportunity to represent our district,” Barudin said. “Wisconsin deserves elected officials who can be trusted to serve people over politics. I will serve you with the dignity, honesty and hard work ethic our community deserves.”

Barudin lives in Beaver Dam with her husband. They have three children.

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